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Mr. Gilad 
Mr. Shmuel Sasson
is a managing general Partner & co-founder of the Pillar  group.
Mr. Sasson recently retired from the Israeli Security Agency (ISA), where
he held a rank equivalent to brigadier general.
Mr. Sasson is the former head of the Security Division, El-Al Airlines,
a position that he held during the last three years (2003-2006).
He was appointed to this position by the Israeli Security Agency (Shin-Bet),
and was responsible for the protection and security of all international flights of all Israeli Civil Airlines, including both commercial, charter and cargo flights, and the protection of all Israeli Airlines installations abroad (over 50 facilities globally).
After having joined the ISA in 1983 as a Security Officer in the Dignitary and Official Delegations Protection Unit, Mr. Sasson has held numerous commanding positions within the Unit including Head of the Instruction & Training Branch in the Firearms and Combat Academy, Director of Security for the Israeli Olympic Delegation at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 and more.
After the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, in 1995, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Operations Department, and Head of Operational Department in the Dignitary and Official Delegations Protection Unit (1997).
During that time, Mr. Sasson had a major role in developing innovative security concepts in response to the assassination of the Israeli Prime minister.
Mr.Sasson initiated, planned and commanded complex, sensitive and multidisciplinary protection operations in Israel and overseas and cooperated with intelligence and protection communities around the world.
In 2000, Mr. Sasson was appointed Regional Security Director for Western Europe and served in this position until 2003; In this capacity, he was responsible for all national security sectors abroad. 
To each of his missions, Mr. Sasson brings with him more than 23 years of experience from the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet).


Mr. Ram Gilad
is a managing general Partner & co-founder of the Pillar  group.
Mr. Gilad recently retired from the Israeli Security Agency (ISA), after having
served as Head of  Intelligence Department (equivalent to Colonel).
His duties included management and supervision of intelligence operations.
Mr. Gilad joined the Israeli Security Agency in 1984 as Head of Security at the Israeli Embassy to Cyprus, where he was responsible for all security sectors.
In 1986 Mr. Gilad was appointed Director of Security for all Israeli facilities in the west coast of U.S.A., managing the security for the consulates in Los Angeles and San Francisco and also in charge of the security of El Al Airlines, the maritime activity and professional cooperation with the U.S. federal authorities and local law enforcement agencies. 
Mr. Gilad   brings with him also many years of experience in Collecting Intelligence as well planning, managing and supervising of Intelligence Operations (1989-2006).